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William Benjamin

I am a dedicated financial professional with a genuine passion for helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals. I value honesty, ethics, and empathy as the core principles of my approach.

After studying Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Economics at Wichita State University, I discovered my passion in retirement planning.

Outside of work, I enjoy snowboarding, longboarding, and cycling, finding inspiration in the great outdoors. With my partner, Tate Penner, and our beloved dog, Bailey, by my side, I cherish the support of my loved ones. 

As your trusted financial professional, I am committed to providing personalized guidance rooted in trust, understanding, and shared goals. I prioritize ethical practices and aim to empower you to make informed decisions for a secure and prosperous future.

Let's embark on a rewarding financial journey together, creating a roadmap to fulfill your long-term dreams.